A central network
management practice

With so many businesses today operating across different countries – and often different continents – WAN Optimization has become a central network management practice. WAN Optimization refers to the specific tools and methods used to optimise the efficiency of a large-scale network environment. But today’s WANs are a very different story to those of just a few years ago – with the proliferation of the cloud, it’s no longer practical to handle WAN Optimization under your own roof.

Today, the most robust WAN Optimization technologies are provided As A Service – in other words, as a network application. This allows you to access your WAN data and review its performance from anywhere, at any time. WAN Optimization relies on a number of technologies, all of which play a part in ensuring your network operates in the most efficient way possible and caters to the needs of your business at all times. Having a good grasp of these technologies is instrumental in understanding how to best optimise network performance on your WAN.


WAN Optimization technologies include:

  • Traffic Shaping
  • Data Compression and Deduplication
  • WAN and Internet Link Monitoring
  • Creating and enforcing QoS policies
  • Data Caching

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