A complete telecoms
solution in businesses
around the world

In the years since its introduction, Voice over IP (VoIP) technology has a come a long way. Today, it’s not only a viable alternative to traditional telecommunications solutions like Private Branch Exchange (PBX), it’s being adopted  as a complete telecoms solution in businesses around the world.

With the maturity of the internet and the widespread availability of broadband connectivity, technologies such as voice over IP will gain further favour with organisations who see the benefit in technological convergence. Voice over IP offers businesses the opportunity to rid themselves of traditional telephony hardware and channel their voice communications over the same media used by the company network. This reduces the overhead associated with telecommunication solutions and has the potential to save large organisations millions annually.

Voice over IP offers rich communication that includes voice, video, conferencing and live sharing of content. This revolutionises the way people and businesses communicate and thanks to the richness in media available over a voice over IP session, companies can also cut down on expensive travelling costs since voice over IP virtually places you in the room.


Some benefits of using VoIP technology include:

  • Scalability: It’s easy to add new VoIP lines for each new employee, and equally easy to remove them when necessary
  • Easy to install and maintain: No need to run cabling and wires through your entire office building and requires no specialist knowledge.
  • VoIP supports legacy technologies: Virtual faxing allows you to send and receive faxes without paper or toner.
  • VoIP integrates with other business systems: Make voice calls and handle voicemail all from within your mail client.

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