Iris Training 

Iris has a training solution to suit your needs. We have tools, tips, videos and training material for all types of users, no matter what your confidence level or exposure to Iris is.

Iris has a knowledge base that contains FAQs, cheat sheets, video tutorials and articles to help you use the system effectively.

Clicking the article below will take you to our support portal.  Registered access is required to access the Portal



If you use Iris to see your links and CE devices in the graphs browser, then this is the right track for you.

    Iris training overview 

    Logging Into Iris

    Graph Browser


    Logging Support Requests

    Online Support and Knowledge Base



    NOC | CSOC | SERVICE MANAGER If you need to troubleshoot, use reports or manage alerts, then this is right track for you.

    Iris training overview

    Logging a poller request

    Module 1 – Graphs Searching and the Troubleshooter

    Collecting Data In iris

    Searching in iris 

    Graph Browser


    Module 2 – Events and Alarms

    Alarms and Severity  

    Alarms vs. Events

    Sub-Systems Generating Alarms (see sub-topics) :

    How does iris determine status is DOWN

    Alarm Manager

    Searching Event Logs 

    Module 3 – Dashboards

    Default Dashboard

    User Dashboards

    Maps Visualisation

    Module 4 – Reports

    Device Health

    Device Info

    Top N 

    Netflow Reports

    Iris Reports

    Event Report

    Iris Apps

    Iris Maps   


    ADMINISTRATOR | OPS MANAGER If you need to administer Iris, then this is the right track for you.

    All items in ICE2 plus the following

    Module 5 – Configuration


    Manage Devices

    Monitoring Profiles


    Manage Views

    Edit Mnemonics

    Edit Stacks

    List Elements 


    Set Thresholds

    Syslogs Rules and SNMP Trap Rules

    Notification Groups

    Notification Rules

    Notification Templates

    Set Topologies

    Maintenance and Data Exclusions


    Manage Users

    Manage Roles


    Ping and Traceroute