Reseller agreement will expand Moogsoft AIOps technology for enterprises in Africa

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA – 29 May, 2018 –Iris Network Systems, helping providers and enterprises make sense of their network data, today announced a reseller agreement with Moogsoft, a leader in artificial intelligence for IT operations, to expand adoption of Moogsoft’s AIOps technology in Africa.

Moogsoft AIOps uses patented AI and machine learning technologies to proactively detect service-impacting incidents and orchestrate workflows across complex IT environments. By automatically reducing alert and ticket volumes and clustering events into unique situations, operations teams are able to diagnose root cause and restore services faster.

Iris Network Systems specialises in providing robust network monitoring systems to enterprises and carrier service providers across Africa. Iris provides a powerful, scalable data-collection framework designed to deliver detailed network monitoring data to enterprise managers and engineers as quickly as possible, in the most meaningful way.

“Our partnership with Moogsoft enhances the Iris Core NMS product set by helping customers automate their IT operations,” said Stuart Birch, CEO of Iris. “Additionally, it helps us bring greater value to a wider market of customers to expand the capabilities of Iris toolsets. We look forward to a long and productive journey with Moogsoft, whose technology for IT operations and impressive customer base are a great source of inspiration.”

“Together with Iris, we are excited to expand the AIOps technology in Africa to enhance operational agility for IT teams,” said Phil Tee, CEO of Moogsoft. “Partners such as Iris bring market expertise, as well as an enthusiasm that is vital to helping enterprises meet tomorrow’s rigorous demands for digital transformation.”

About Iris Network Systems

Founded in 2011, Iris Network Systems is a Cape Town-based ICT company that provides dedicated cloud monitoring platforms for Pan-African networks. Iris monitors over 70,000 devices in nine countries and is responsible for 216 Iris servers deployed throughout the continent. For more information, visit

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