The perfect combination of
powerful features and network-friendly
resource consumption

To ensure that you get the best possible service from your network at all times, it’s vital to have insight into the way that data moves around your network environment. Network monitoring tools make it possible to track, monitor and analyse the flow of data around your network, alerting you to any changes in network behaviour and keeping you ahead of the curve when it comes to the performance of your network.

There are many different types of network monitoring tools, all of which serve a specific function in improving the quality of service on your network. Staying informed about the way your network operates is important, but so is making sure that your network can handle the extra strain that these monitoring tools put on your resources. For this reason, it’s wise to opt for Network Monitoring Tools that strike the right balance between performance and demand on your environment.


With Network Monitoring Tools, you can:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of how your network operates
  • Be alerted to any discrepancies in network behaviour as they happen
  • Make detailed, accurate analyses of network trends to prepare for future challenges
  • Identify areas of network ‘abuse’ and inform good Quality of Service (QoS) policies

Iris’ Network Monitoring Tools are the perfect combination of powerful features and network-friendly resource consumption. In other words, Iris makes it possible to get thorough, detailed data from your network at any time, without compromising on the levels of service you expect.

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