Detailed bandwidth analysis with Iris Netflow Analyzer


Iris Netflow was designed by network experts to be light on resources whilst extremely powerful at the same time. It leverages collected data for bandwidth monitoring, analysis and detailed reporting on a range of network metrics. Iris Netflow is purpose-built to collect as much information as possible.


Quickly identify network bottlenecks and easily take corrective action.


Leverage powerful data collection capabilities for detailed network analysis.


Generate custom, in-depth reports on network trends.


Make informed decisions on network expansion and upgrades based on prediction analysis that is made possible by tracking the Netflow. 

Iris Netflow – Network Diagnostics


A powerful tool that gives engineers and managers the insight that they need in the pursuit of stable and predictable networking environments.


Explore traffic per device and interface for easy problem identification. Data representation gives engineers the perspective they need to keep network traffic flowing optimally.

Flow Explorer

A reporting engine with powerful search functions that provide graphical representations of complex network metrics, simplifying troubleshooting methods that are traditionally quite tedious.

Flow Tracker

Both powerful and highly scalable. The tracker creates a standard Iris graph based on the Netflow query. This graph is then searchable, quick to load and respond – has the ability to be put into a scheduled report.

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