network-monitoring-toolFor today’s CTOs, being able to provide quantifiable ROI on their organisation’s IT assets is absolutely essential. With so many business processes relying on both intranet and internet connectivity, managing your network environment properly is no longer only an IT imperative – it’s critical for the functioning of your business. Using a Network Monitoring Tool that facilitates easy and efficient management of your network environment is a great place to start, but with so many options available in the world of network management today, it can be intimidating trying to select just one. The truth is that there isn’t necessarily one ‘right’ tool for your organisation: there are many different brands of network management software that offer very different services, and it’s up to you to select the one that works best for the specific networking requirements of your organisation. In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the features in the IRIS Core Network Monitoring Tool, and how it helps CTOs stay ahead of the curve.

IRIS Core is light on networking resources and heavy on scalability

Before IRIS came together, our core members were involved with some of the biggest players in the South African telecoms and ISP industries. One of the biggest and most consistent challenges we dealt with was the fact that no business has a static IT infrastructure: organisations grow over time, and their IT needs expand with them. Too often, IT solutions cater to the current needs of the business without taking into account how those needs might change. As a result, the Network Monitoring Tool you used just a few years ago may already be incapable of reporting to the scale you need it to today, or may be far too intensive on your networking resources. IRIS Core is built with the future in mind: our unique approach to network monitoring means you don’t compromise on visibility or performance – by keeping the overheads on your networking hardware as low as possible, you get consistently accurate results without having to worry about overburdening your IT assets. As a CTO, that means you spend less time on the nuts and bolts of your IT environment and more time focusing on the future of your business.

We combine the best of both proprietary and open source network monitoring

With over a decade’s experience providing network solutions to some of the biggest and most technically demanding names in South Africa, we’ve had more than enough time to figure out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to Network Monitoring Tools. IRIS Core is built from the ground up using the most robust network monitoring technology, both proprietary and open source. This methodology has enabled us to build the platform we want to, without compromising on features, scope or usability. Using open source technology means that you can rest assured that a passionate community of developers is continuously working on the product you use around-the-clock, all at no extra cost to you.

IRIS Core makes understanding the flow of data around your environment easy

Thanks to IRIS Core’s intuitive and customisable visualisation engine, understanding what goes on in your network environment has never been easier. Where IRIS Core differs from many Network Monitoring tools is that you can adjust your visualisations on-the-fly, enabling you to select not only the most valuable metrics for your purposes, but also the way in which your data is displayed. You can also create custom triggers that alert you to your choice of network events, giving you access to all pertinent information at a glance. Rather than wasting hours figuring out what went wrong, you can spend the time making sure you’re prepared to handle any other network issues pro actively.

IRIS Core is a powerful and uniquely scalable Network Monitoring Tool that makes understanding and optimising the flow of data around your IT environment easy. To find out more about what makes our product unique, view our demo. For more Network Monitoring Software news and information, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter (check our footer).


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