With data acting as veritable currency these days, network security teams are increasingly looked to for solutions to the pervasive and complex challenge of cybercrime. The average cost of global cybercrime to the highest hit countries reaches in the billions on average, (see chart) with spending on IT security projected to increase by $13 billion between 2013/18. Furthermore, a growing demand and limited supply of highly experienced network security professionals means companies are feeling the heat from an increasingly tenacious global hacker community at large, and pressure to implement adequately flexible solutions that speak to the needs of changing security challenges.  



Your NMS might still be your best partner in the fight against cybercrime

No platform can provide you with all the answers and there certainly isn’t a one-size-fits-all security platform out there, but network monitoring tools’ capacity to collect and analyse both performance and security metrics can exponentially simplify your networking team’s daily management of your enterprise. Take Netflow’s ubiquity as an example. An NMS with an adequate flow collector can immediately start giving insights to security data once Netflow is enabled in your environment. Network monitoring tools are also typically brand agnostic, making them ideal for increasingly complex environments by reducing hurdles inherent in scaling out your monitoring and management systems. Often requiring very little hardware to start pulling information about the network, apart from a central data repository, network monitoring tools help IT organizations rely on fewer systems without sacrificing data richness and analysis capabilities.

While it would be foolish to argue against the merits of firewalls and advanced IDS/IPS systems, network monitoring tools can provide the perfect counterweight to the issue of over-complicating your security apparatus.

Is there a perfect counterweight to cybercrime?

IT departments are clearly at no loss when it comes to variety of choice in security products on the market. With a $13 billion growth projected until 2018, the market will be worth a staggering $60 billion by that year, meaning companies are, and will be, doling out serious cash to prevent from being the next Sony or Target. But risk of over-complication can become a serious source of blind spots in already complex environments, leading to a false sense of security for networking teams.

This is especially true considering the speed at which the Internet of Things (IoT) is coming at us and how it is influencing the way we think about network security. And with over 20 billion devices expected to go online by 2020, it might be worth taking another look at security and performance management platforms that can do more with less. IRIS is a comprehensive network monitoring solution designed to speak to the performance and security needs of large enterprise environments. For more information on how IRIS simplifies complex network management, contact us.