Network-Management-SystemIn today’s hyper-connected culture, reliable network and internet connectivity is a business imperative. For enterprise and carrier-grade networks, this is even more pertinent – for ISPs and telecoms companies, network errors and downtime are much more than an inconvenience to end-users: they have the potential to bring the entire organisation to a screeching halt and to send customers running in the opposite direction of your organisation.  But balancing the need for sufficient insight into your network environment against the strain that network monitoring adds to it is like walking a never-ending tightrope: too little insight leaves you ill-prepared for potentially catastrophic failures, while monitoring too much adds strain to your network and stifles the flow of information in your organisation.

IRIS’s Core Network Management System was developed with the needs of today’s telecoms companies and ISPs in mind, and provides a powerful network management service without bogging down your networking resources. In this blog, we’ll look at what makes IRIS Core a uniquely scalable and customisable network management solution for environments of any scale and complexity.

Low resource impact and high flexibility: the foundations of IRIS core

IRIS Core is built with two principles in mind: minimum added strain to your network environment, and maximum flexibility for customisation.

Minimum added strain to your network and working environment

IRIS Core is provided as a network service, which makes it lightweight on networking resources and accessible from anywhere. IRIS Core is easy to deploy, and starts collecting data within minutes. IRIS Core’s discovery process is designed to sweep your entire environment for new devices without compromising on service, and includes support for all common network devices.

Maximum flexibility and scalability

Having worked in the networking sector for the past ten years, we know first-hand how quickly the demands of enterprise environments can change. Our Network Management System is built on Open Source technology, which allows for unprecedented flexibility and limitless customisation. This enables us to treat each of our clients as an individual case and develop a network management system that caters to the unique needs of their organisation that is easily scalable alongside the organic growth of the network. Additionally, we’ll never charge you for upgrades to IRIS Core – as an IRIS customer, you benefit from our commitment to constantly improving our software at no extra cost.

What sets IRIS core apart from other Network Management Systems?

IRIS Core was developed with an acute understanding of what it means to monitor, manage and optimise today’s complex and ever-expanding enterprise networks. Our substantial combined experience in the ISP and telecoms industries has resulted in a clear idea of which information is most valuable to network managers, and we continually go to great lengths to ensure that IRIS Core’s features help to deliver that information in as intuitive and valuable a way as possible. IRIS Core’s powerful visualisation capabilities pull the metrics you want from around your environment and presents them as easy-to-read, customisable graphical representations. Our low-touch technology means IRIS Core is capable of self-healing and recovery, minimising the amount of time your network staff spends on maintenance and incremental fixes. What’s more, our dedicated support team is always on call and willing to help should you have any questions or problems.

To find out more about what makes IRIS Core the ideal Network Management Solution for network environments of any size, scale or complexity, feel free to view our demo by following the link below.


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