IrisImagine a world where people don’t dread Mondays; where coffee isn’t the only thing keeping you alert and where you get to work with a supportive team who are passionate about what they do. At IRIS, we try to create an environment in which our employees have a hard time leaving because they enjoy the challenges, their co-workers, and the atmosphere. And we know that the 9 to 5, office-bound life isn’t for everyone – that’s why we try to incorporate fun into our work culture.

Sometimes we do fun things

Our highly-skilled network engineers often have to work through a variety of different, challenging scenarios that require a lot of mental agility and ingenuity to fix. To make the long slog worth it, we’ve installed a draught-tap in our kitchen so they can chill out after a hard day’s work. We also make it a tradition to do out-of-office lunches every now and then. We believe these simple team-building activities are essential, as they help you get to know your fellow co-workers and  boost morale.

The office culture at IRIS

Located in the heart of Cape Town’s CBD, our offices are constantly bustling with activity – from liaising with clients to running massive-scale WANs that span vast geographical distances, every member of our team is excited to play their part in creating a world-class Network Management System. IRIS is a place for like-minded people to build their careers and meet some of the top minds in the industry. We encourage our team members to support each other and be as eager to teach as they are to learn. In essence, our culture is relaxed, trendy and cool – and you could describe us as a new generation Internet company.

What are the greatest parts of working at IRIS?

We don’t just want to hire an individual, we’re looking for someone to be a part of our team. Most of us at IRIS have been working in IT for most of our professional lives – and we’re looking for people we can learn from and grow with. We’re also fortunate to work with some of South Africa’s top ISP professionals, which is great for learning new aspects of network management. We’re passionate about what we do – and we pride ourselves on being a Network Management Systems development company that uplifts and upskills its team members, whilst creating a powerful Network Management System.  

If IRIS sounds like the type of place you’d want to work at and you are passionate about networking, have a look at our website or apply for a position here. You can also find out more about IRIS’ unique take on Network Management Systems on our product page.