Application-Support-EngineerAs you may have heard by now, we’re looking for an Application Support Engineer to join our great and supportive team. Our ASEs get to work with top industry professionals who are as eager to teach as they are to learn. Iris is a small company, but we’re doing big things. When we’re not hard at work building our world-class Network Management System, we’re enjoying a beer in the kitchen or having one of our out-of-office lunches. Office culture is important to us, and we want our employees to be motivated and satisfied with their working environment.

If you’re interested in working at Iris, that’s great! But before we can welcome you to the world of network management, we need to make sure you’re equipped with the skills that will make you a great ASE. Here are some of the requirements for an Application Support Engineer at Iris:

Providing support on the Iris Application

An ASE at Iris would need to provide support on the Iris Application via email or phone and manage a ticket queue. This means that they’ll have to close, follow up and re-assign tickets when necessary. ASEs also need to make sure the support queue stays manageable by resolving the problem quickly and efficiently.

ASEs need to be problem solvers

ASEs should have the ability to explain a problem and outline a solution. They should be equipped to quickly diagnose a problem and either fix or escalate it in a timely and professional manner. It is their responsibility to proactively monitor all the Iris application servers and see the fault to resolution.

They need to have knowledge of Open Source programs and Unix

Because they often hop between different programs and operating systems, ASEs need to be comfortable with a wide range of languages and operating systems. The Iris application runs on FreeBSD and that’s why ASEs need to be well equipped with knowledge of Unix and open source software.

Being able to use and understand networking protocols like SSH, traceroute, SNMP, Syslogs

Because they will need to deal with networks as part of their day-to-day responsibilities, ASEs will need to be fluent in all common networking protocols.

Knowledge of scripting and fluency in coding languages

ASEs will often have to debug code on the fly and interpret programming languages, so being coding-fit and having knowledge of scripting is a definite advantage.

Network Management Systems knowledge

Our Network Management System is our pride and joy. This is the product our ASE’s will be supporting, so it makes sense that they have an understanding of the kind of software they’ll be working with.

Do you think you have what it takes to join our team?

Iris provides Network Management Systems and support to some of South Africa’s biggest businesses. If you are passionate about networking and think you’d make a good fit in the IRIS offices, have a look at our website or apply for the ASE position at IRIS here. 

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