We spend a lot of time talking about the latest news from the IT-world and discussing the technical details of networking technologies, but what we don’t often share on our blog is what happens behind the scenes at IRIS. Since the end of the year is approaching and business is slowing down for some (so we’ve been told, at least), we’d like to share a bit of what goes on in the daily life of the IRIS offices.

A look at the IRIS office culture.

IRIS is made up of people who have a passion for tech and networking. Most of us have been working in IT for the entirety of our professional lives, and we are fortunate to count some of South Africa’s top ISP professionals among our ranks. Located in the heart of Cape Town’s city center, our offices are constantly buzzing with activity – from liaising with clients to making sure we’re exceeding their expectations, to running massive-scale WANs that span vast geographical distances, every member of our team is determined to play their part in creating the most powerful Network Management System in the world.

At IRIS, we work and play hard.

IRIS-works-hard-plays-hardYou’d be forgiven for thinking that we’re all work and no play after reading the above, but nothing could be further from the truth. We’re  as serious about having a good time as we are about building world-class network management systems – we’ve got beer on tap in the kitchen, and we try to make it a tradition to do out-of-office lunches every now and then. IRIS isn’t only a place for like-minded people to build great careers and meet some of the best minds in the industry: it’s a place where you can be yourself, work with a team of professionals who are as eager to teach as they are to learn, and enjoy yourself while doing it.

What are the bests parts about working at IRIS?

IRIS is a small company, made up of highly-skilled network engineers who are serious about becoming the best at what they do. This means that there’s a very real opportunity for building a career with us, and our office culture is such that if you work hard and get involved, you’ll be noticed and rewarded. We’re also big on teamwork – nobody is trying to outdo anyone else in the IRIS offices, we believe in creating an environment in which everybody learns from everybody else. We pride ourselves on being a Network Management Systems development company that spends as much time making sure our staff’s skills are as sharp as the features of our software.

A day in the life of an Application Support Engineer at IRIS

A typical day in the life of an Application Support Engineer at IRIS involves working through a variety of different, challenging scenarios that require a lot of mental agility and ingenuity to fix. Our engineers also spend a lot of time upgrading and patching clients to apply fixes to the code and make sure that our Network Management System is as up-to-date and as bug-free as possible. There’s usually a bit of light code debugging required when it comes to pinpointing the problem, and all the members of our team share knowledge and work together to solve problems as effectively as possible. Ultimately, our engineers are responsible for configuring the IRIS system to best suit each one of our clients.

If you are passionate about networking and think you’d make a good fit in the IRIS offices, have a look at our website or apply for a position at IRIS here. You can also find out more about IRIS’ unique take on Network Management Systems on our product page.

Image credit: Alan Kemp, IRIS