Network-Management-SystemAll networks, no matter their size or scale, need to be diligently monitored to operate at peak performance – and for enterprise and carrier-grade networks, especially those spanning large physical distances, monitoring around the clock is a necessity. But when you’re dealing with a large-scale network with network elements that run into the tens of thousands, it’s essential to use a Network Management System that can be as responsive as your most reliable engineer. In this blog, we discuss some of the key features of IRIS’ Core Network Monitoring Software (NMS), and what makes it an invaluable tool for environments of any size or complexity.

IRIS Core NMS: a bird’s eye view.

IRIS Core NMS is a powerful yet lightweight Network Management System that is built around a common understanding of what it takes to monitor, manage and optimize the complex networks of today. IRIS Core is provided as a service and can be customized and scaled to suit network environments of any size or complexity.

IRIS Core gives you more time to innovate by automating processes.

No matter how much you invest in Network Management Software, how rigorously you monitor your network or how often you upgrade aging equipment, your most valuable assets will always be your engineers themselves. IRIS Core Network Management System frees up time for your staff by automating routine processes, eliminating the chance of finger-error and sloppiness. With more time on your hands, your engineering staff will be able to pursue the things they excel at. IRIS Core is a low-touch technology that is capable of autonomously recovering from errors, meaning your engineers still have time to think, even in emergencies.

A uniquely scalable NMS that supports 100,000+ elements.

If the IT boom of the past few decades has taught us anything, it’s that growth in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) landscape is unpredictable. Wise network managers should be prepared for the reality that organisations in the ICT industry can experience exponential growth virtually overnight, and your choice of Network Management System should reflect this. IRIS Core NMS is based on an acute understanding of the ICT industry. We know that it’s essential to have powerful and agile network monitoring tools that are able to adapt to, and keep up with, the pace at which today’s networks expand in both scale and complexity. IRIS Core is built with agility at its center, and is capable of monitoring hundreds of thousands of up/down events and supporting over 100,000 network elements.

A powerful, yet lightweight, solution that turns data into information.

IRIS Core is provided as a network service that is easily deployed and starts collecting data within minutes. By pulling metrics without creating overhead on devices, IRIS remains lightweight on network resources without compromising on the quality of your monitoring reports. Central to our software is the belief that information is more valuable than raw data – IRIS core checks all data points for thresholds and applies conditions to turn this data into actionable information, which is displayed in an easy-to-understand, visual format. Because we build our tools on open source technology, agility and customization are built into the foundations of our products.

We don’t sell products, we build partnerships.

Because we recognize the value of the human element in network management, IRIS is committed to providing a service that is holistically valuable to your network and your engineers. We don’t just sell you our Network Monitoring Software – we work hand-in-hand with our clients and offer training and consultation services in addition to setting up the most optimal solution for your network environment.

If you’d like to find out more about what IRIS Core NMS can offer you and your business, please contact us to request a demo, or visit our website for more information on the products and services we offer.

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