Why-outsourcing-your-data-centre-management-is-your-golden-ticket-to-WAN-optimizationManaging a Wide Area Network (WAN) that spans a vast physical distance is a complex task. Whether you’re in charge of overseeing internal data centres our outsourcing your network management to an external service provider, there are many factors to consider when it comes to the way you choose to handle the flow of data in your organisation. But as cloud technology, Software as a Service (SaaS) and the high-speed internet become more feasible for even businesses with the smallest budgets, the pros of outsourced data management seem to far outweigh the cons. So, how exactly does outsourcing your network management lead to WAN optimization

Outsourcing data centres means you get the bandwidth you need without overspending

Many businesses lose valuable hours and a significant amount of revenue due to bandwidth-related issues. For those that manage their data centres internally, the quickest solution is often to ‘throw more bandwidth’ at the problem. Most businesses opt for the short-term solution – and pay the price. Buying more bandwidth is expensive, and there’s much more that you could do to improve the level of service in your environment (implementing QoS settings, restricting access to unproductive or malicious websites and performing regular audits of your links, to name a few). Outsourcing your data centre management, however, means that you don’t have to deal with any of the ins and outs of getting optimal service – you just get it.

External network management provides you with hassle-free monitoring

To achieve WAN optimization, it’s key to monitor your network environment consistently. When it comes to large-scale networks, especially ones that span several countries, making sense of monitoring data can be intimidating to say the least. External data centres make it their business to ensure that you consistently get optimal levels of service by monitoring your network with the best tools available. The most reputable network management services also provide you with the tools you need to monitor the flow of data around your environment should it be necessary.

Networks are more secure with outsourced data management

As anyone who keeps up to date with the news knows, there have been several major security breaches of prominent companies in the past few years. Sadly, any business with an internet-connected network is susceptible to data breaches, security threats and hacks. Many organisations think they’re getting around this by implementing firewalls, but the harsh reality is that a firewall alone simply isn’t enough to deter cybercriminals anymore. Outsourcing your data management means your service provider is left in charge of managing your security, and chances are they’re much better prepared for the task than you are. Depending on the contract you negotiate with your provider, you can include several additional layers of security to your sensitive data.

Service Level Agreements help you consistently achieve the service you want

To ensure that you consistently get a level of service that meets your requirements, it’s vital to set good Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with your network provider. If you’re operating a large-scale network, you can tailor your SLAs to facilitate WAN optimization by setting service level standards on your WAN links and the various ways the different districts of your network interact. There’s a lot to bear in mind when it comes to setting SLAs, and you should do some research into how to get the most out of yours before engaging with your service provider.

To find out more about how IRIS can help you achieve WAN optimization, please download our free Guide to the Effective Management of a Large-Scale WAN or read more about our IP address management software.

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