In today’s constantly-connected world, maintaining server uptime is essential for organisations of any size. With so many business functions relying on internet connectivity, as well as a reliable and consistent network environment, the line between business and technology concerns is becoming increasingly blurred. Forward-thinking companies are coming to see technological and business functions as two sides of the same coin – the combination of which results in improved productivity, less risk and, ultimately, an increased Return on Investment.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at some ways to get the most out of your Network Monitoring Software and achieve uptime around the clock.

Network Uptime isn’t just about which devices are online

Network Uptime, as its name implies, is a measure of how long a device within a network environment has been functioning. Typically, Network Uptime is measured as a percentage – for example, if a device was online for 80% of a 24-hour period, this means it was available on the network for a little over 19 hours of the day. But this isn’t where its value ends. Server uptime monitoring can be used to predict where issues may arise in the future, and monitor the activity of that particular network or device proactively. This allows administrators to determine the best solution to a problem ahead of time, from load-balancing to purchasing or upgrading hardware.

100% Uptime isn’t a myth – it’s achievable and essential

It’s no exaggeration to say that if your network or website is offline, communication and collaboration will stop, sales will come to a screeching halt, and your business will lose money. The severity depends on the nature of your business – think of the impact of a retailer like Amazon experiencing an hour of downtime – but in a culture where technology is required for a properly functioning business, there will be repercussions no matter how peripheral your use of technology might be. It may sound like an unrealistic target, but 100% uptime is very achievable, and, depending on the context of your business, may be fundamental to your survival.

Choose Network Monitoring Software that gives you 100% support

Ensuring server uptime around the clock is infinitely easier when using a Network Monitoring Software suite that is reliable, customisable and easy to understand. It’s no good using monitoring software that only provides reliable information 70% of the time if you’re aiming for a consistent 100% server uptime ratio. Additionally, many monitoring software suites allow remote access to your network statistics. If you operate a large-scale WAN or travel out of office frequently, it may be an important factor to consider for providing you with up-to-date data anytime, anywhere. Most, if not all, network monitoring software comes with the ability to send reports via SMS or email, with others providing more customisable methods for reporting on your network’s performance.

IRIS is a provider of versatile, scalable Network Management Software that can be tailored to suit the needs of your network, no matter its size or scope. For more information on IRIS’ Network Monitoring software and how it can help you achieve 100% server uptime and flawless network reporting, please download a free copy of our Network Manager’s Guide to a Stable and Highly Available Network.

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