ISPs today are facing increasingly tougher SLAs due to marginal differentiation thanks to tight competition in the industry. This, coupled with higher demands from business and private consumers leave very little room for error. A network performance monitor may serve to boost ISP performance metrics and guarantee delivery of quality service on a consistent level, which in turn results in customer retention.

We’ll take a look at how metrics derived from your network performance monitor gives insight to how efficiently services are delivered to consumers and allow you to implement improvements in your service offering.

SLAs are designed to ensure a clear understanding of the services, it’s nature, availability and quality between provider and the customer. Networks can sometimes be unpredictable and compromise SLAs, leaving you as provider in a somewhat precarious situation. Here’s a look at how a network performance monitor helps you understand problem areas that may cause your network to underperform.

Network device monitoring: Device monitoring is a crucial aspect to performance monitoring. The health of network devices are a primary area of concern for ISPs and enterprises. The domino-effect kicks in when a faulty or struggling device isn’t doing its job, leading to degradation in services to the customer. Without device monitoring, IT operations would find it exceedingly difficult and time consuming to identify the cause of network performance issues.

Your network performance monitor should give you a holistic view of device performance and health to pinpoint problems as they occur. Device monitoring should be a primary concern for enterprise and ISPs with large network investments.

Usage monitoring: When customer utilisation of network resources becomes problematic, ISP need to know about it. Businesses very often suffer under the misuse of company assets by employees and this is equally true when it comes to internet usage. It is commonly the case that staff spend hours on video-on-demand sites and install peer-to-peer software on their computers with the intent to download illegal content from the web. When Internet speed issues become problematic, ISPs are usually to blame. Consumption reports pulled from network monitoring software give ISPs a detailed view of the type of traffic that takes up bandwidth allows the organisation to understand that stricter policies around internet usage should be implemented from their end.

IRIS Network monitoring software ensures optimised networks that meet tough SLAs

IRIS offers ISPs a network monitoring software solution that is able to monitor virtually any device on the network and collects valuable network data right at take-on. As a network performance monitor, IRIS gives ISPs and enterprises the tools they need to make their environments stable, predictable and running optimally on a consistent level. Developed by network engineers with over 20 years’ experience in managing and monitoring large scale networking environments IRIS is a complete solution for bot ISP and enterprises.

Image credit: Initiotech