network monitoring softwareUn-monitored bandwidth usage can lead to soaring bills, frustrated employees and legal ramifications for your organisation. Additional charges associated with consuming more bandwidth than what is allocated can soar, leading to some uncomfortable conversations with your CFO. Network monitoring software will help you curb overspend on bandwidth, and ensure that this precious commodity is utilised in the way it is intended.

With music and movie piracy becoming an increasingly popular phenomenon, legislation around the issue is tightening, and businesses need to protect themselves from the possible ramifications of a rogue employee using the company’s resources to download the latest blockbuster. A trend amongst employees is to reserve their downloading of illegal content for work hours where they can get access to content faster due to the accessibility of high speed internet connections.

Bandwidth costs money:

Bandwidth is expensive and the associated cost means that misuse should be stamped out wherever possible. Network monitoring software allows you to identify causes of excessive bandwidth consumption and take corrective action. Identifying bandwidth bandits can be like finding a needle in a haystack; it may be that your servers are scheduled to pull updates at inopportune times, or a backup is running during business hours. Network monitoring software eliminates time consuming investigation and helps you eliminate the cause in the shortest time, and bring performance back to acceptable levels.

Improved application performance:

Proactive monitoring means the difference between a sluggish network and a reliable one. Applications such as VOIP and other network dependent applications that are sensitive to fluctuations rely on stable, predictable networks for businesses to realise their true value.

Fair usage means everyone wins:

Striking the balance can be difficult, especially in large organisations. In many instances there is a justified need for staff to access video-on-demand sites. Many organisations also utilise social media sites for marketing purposes. This makes it crucial to understand the usage patterns and trends that occur, and cater to business needs. Your network monitoring software gives you that insight and allows you to provision bandwidth more economically. You can’t simply block any and all sites, but accommodating according to requirements will ensure that abuse is minimised.

 Network monitoring software pays for itself in a short period.

Network managers must do their best to eliminate bandwidth bandits that not only impact the performance of the network, but can also place the organisation in a legal difficult position. The awareness of being monitored not only reduces illegal downloading habits, but also gets employees focused on their responsibilities, instead of searching for the latest torrents. With the clamp-down on piracy intensifying, network managers are at the forefront of fighting the battle against illegal downloading of content that places organisations at risk. A comprehensive network monitoring software solution is a valuable weapon in your arsenal that will put you on the front in the ongoing attempt to safeguarding your network from rogue elements.


Image Credit: Pixabay