The rise of over-the-top (OTT) applications has presented challenges to service providers who rely on traditional billing models for call and messaging services as their primary source of revenue. Operators have had to anticipate challenges that OTT applications such as Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, BBM and other disruptive technologies present to their traditional business models. CDR analysis and reporting has always been the source of information operators used to accurately monitor, report and bill customers.

In changing times for mobile operators and telcos, stamping out causes of revenue loss such as fraud, inaccurate billing and network inefficiencies is as high a priority as ever. The loss incurred by one of these challenges alone can run into staggering losses for service providers. CDR analysis and reporting is key to minimising causes of revenue loss and dependence on data contained within CDRs makes all the difference for operators.

The importance of having the right CDR analysis tool

The best CDR analysis tools give you the ability to search and filter data found in every call detail or call management record. When poor call quality is an issue, providers can pinpoint any relevant details to determine the root cause of poor call quality. CDR analysis helps service providers eliminate call fraud from internal, external and third parties, which can cost companies millions in revenue loss annually. In fact, fraud is identified as one of the top 3 causes of revenue loss for telcos. The information present in call records allows telcos to identify fraudulent activities quickly and stamp out the problem.

CDR analysis and reporting with IRIS SD Reporter

IRIS’ SD Reporter gives engineers a flexible portal that allows for both summarised and detailed views of call metrics. CDR analysis and reporting is made a much simpler task with the bulk of the administrative overhead removed from analysing large volumes of data generated by CDR records. Telcos generate staggering amounts of CDR metrics per day. Leveraging such large volumes of data requires powerful reporting and analysis tools that give engineers the information they need at short notice. IRIS SD Reporter gives service providers the tools to eliminate call drops, ensure least cost paths are followed, identify call quality problems and prevent costly fraud. IRIS SD reporter is a complete CDR analysis and reporting tool that reduces various causalities of revenue loss for large enterprises and telcos.

Image credit: Pixabay