NetFlow analysis is a way to scrutinise network traffic that results in real time visibility into how network bandwidth is consumed. NetFlow analysis focuses on bandwidth monitoring and aids in optimising vast, complex networking environments that are defined by their complexity. The collection, analysis and reporting of network bandwidth can come at a high cost to human and time resources if not managed correctly. Flow engines aid busy Network Operations Centres (NOCs) with the collection and analysis of Netflow data and simplify day-to-day network administration tasks.

A standard implemented by networking giant, Cisco, for transferring of network analysis data across a network, Netflow has been a weapon in IT professionals’ armoury in the quest for bandwidth maximisation. With applications becoming more and more network dependent and office mobility unleashing the once office-bound employee, bandwidth has increasingly served as the lifeblood of successful large scale organisations. Monitoring of networks that span the globe demands round the clock information gathering that humans alone simply cannot accomplish.

Accuracy with Netflow analysis. Accurate network data analysis plays a key role in daily and long term management of networking environments. Growth is synonymous with ISP and Enterprises, and for successful growth to occur, meaningful analytics is crucial. The accuracy and richness of Netflow data streamlines complex network monitoring, management and optimisation functions.

Access to timeline of events for context. Problem identification requires the understanding of root causes. Historic data that allows you to track network performance obstacles, or even causes of downtime and to make informed decisions around the necessary changes that result in improved service provisioning. Constant analysis based on accurate data means your NOC isn’t caught on the back foot. Netflow analysis, with its support for a wide range of networking devices, collects volumes of crucial data and makes it available in a visual format that is easy to analyse.

Less burden on your network devices. Data collection shouldn’t come at a cost to performance. While you want as much “usable” information about your systems, the process of data acquisition shouldn’t hinder network performance. Netflow analysis removes the processing burden of network data metrics and allows your routers and switches to focus on their primary function; which is to allow for the smooth, unhindered flow of network traffic.

Keeping your eye on the flow with Netflow analysis.

IRIS Flow Explorer enables network engineers to capture network data from different sources of traffic and repurpose it into valuable and easy-to-use information. IRIS Flow Explorer incorporates a troubleshooter module that allows network professionals to explore traffic per device in a way that makes problem identification and resolution easier. With a visual representation of data via the troubleshooter, IT staff are able to identify network issues and discover opportunities to improve network services to the organisation or customer. Iris Flow Explorer’s reporting engine provides powerful reporting and searching functions within large data repositories. The IRIS Flow Collector gives engineers and managers a powerful tool in the pursuit of a stable, predictable environment.

Image credit: Pixabay