A network performance test regiment is a must for enterprise and ISP administrators. Since so much of daily business operations rely on IT&T services, network managers and engineers know that to be forewarned is to be forearmed. Getting the best performance out of your environment requires a network performance test regiment that keeps you updated on network performance concerns and other issues, and also assists in planning your system’s growth over the near and long terms.

Enterprises and carrier-grade networks are of the most complex systems today and need to cater to unpredictable demands from large customer bases. Various network dependencies mean operations centres need round the clock visibility into environments. Constant monitoring, reporting and alerting is what ensures peak performance consistently in complex systems.

A scheduled and recurring network performance test regiment plays a crucial role in how engineers understand the strengths and weaknesses that exist in their systems. Network performance test regiments often times reveal bottlenecks that otherwise may have been difficult to identify.

A healthy network performance test regiment is important.

Placing your network under scheduled examination pre-empts issues that may otherwise have a negative impact on business continuity or jeopardise company data. Implementing a network performance test schedule is crucial for keeping complex systems predictable and optimised. Engineers get insight to various aspects of their networks when measuring performance on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Here’s how network performance test schedules aid busy NOCs:

  • Helps identify and resolve environment bottlenecks
  • Assist in planning network upgrades and expansions
  • Identify ways of improving network performance
  • Tighten security and plug loopholes
  • Eliminate quality of service obstacles
  • Improve application performance
  • Resolve mobile connectivity issues
  • Pinpoint issues in very complex systems
  • Evaluate 3rd party services

Network performance test regiments give NOCs the information they need.

It is of paramount importance for IT staff to have information at their disposal that give them forewarning of causes of bottlenecks and others system’s performance issues. With tough SLAs defining the level of service expected from IT executives, continuous benchmarks need testing to ensure a stable, unhindered provision of critical systems can be guaranteed. Corrective measures need to be factored into environments that demand the highest uptime around the clock.

Network performance test regiments minimises the risk of performance degradation by giving NOCs clear and comprehensive data and statistics about your environment’s performance and allows for contingencies to be put in place. Upgrades and expansion projects are planned with more accuracy when testing environments are used to determine the outcome of a particular change implementation. IT departments that implement testing schedules and measure data on a scheduled basis are placed in a much stronger footing when there is so little margin for error.

Image credit: Pixabay