The nature of WAN networks is such that it takes having your eye on so many things at once that it is impossible for a centralised team of engineers to sit in an Operations Centre and manage the environment optimally. The sheer geographical distances that WANs can cover means that IT engineers need to rely on powerful monitoring and reporting tools that keep them informed about the events occurring within the environment that may pose a threat to uptime or system’s instability.

This week we will take a look at how WAN networks are more effectively managed, monitored and expanded with the aid of Network Management Systems (NMS) and the role they play in keeping complex environments safe from both internal and external vulnerabilities.


NMS solutions provide robust monitoring and reporting.

Engineers of networks that rely on thousands of networking devices and various service providers need up-to-date metrics on the health and status of the network and an acute insight to developments in order to prevent issues, plan network upgrades and expansions effectively and optimise environments according to business requirements.

This requires a considerable amount of monitoring around the clock with a system that is able to pull data of almost any device, compile that data into something easily consumable and do all of this consistently with no room for error. NMS solutions provide NOC engineers with that insight they need to gain a deep understanding of their environments.

Secure your WAN network from security attacks and vulnerabilities.

Networks have many entry points and possible security loopholes that may pose a serious threat to organisations’ information if exploited. NMS solutions give your engineers detailed information in easy-to-consume, graphical format for easy analysis and reporting. This places engineers in a position to take corrective and preventative measures and plug security vulnerabilities before they become real dangers to organisations. NMS solutions’ ability to “speak” the language of almost any device, acquire information and make it easily consumable to IT professionals is what makes it such a valuable tool in the administration of complex WAN network environments.

Spot trends and maximise resource usage with the help of an NMS

Engineers need to take many factors into account and an important one is the human element. Trend analysis gives you insight to how users utilise network resources and aids in planning capacity expansion endeavours with accuracy. At times, resources may be utilised for purposes other than work-related matters and it falls on the shoulders of networking professionals to curb activities that consume precious resources. NMS aids in this ongoing challenge by bringing you statistics that reveal bandwidth utilisation, user Internet browsing habits, downloads and other activities that may be the cause of WAN network performance degradation.

NMS solutions partner with network engineers for improved WAN network management.

In large, complex environments it is important to have your ear to the ground and understand the ebbs and flows of your systems. NMS solutions give you exactly that extra pair of eyes you need to keep WAN networks performing at peak and doing so consistently over time. As threats to networks may be from both internal and external sources, network engineers need to gain a deep understanding of their environments to formulate the right policies and procedures to keep their environments safe.

NMS solutions provide the IT professional with these tools and aid in making the task of complex WAN network management that much easier.

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Image credit: Pixabay