The complexity of modern day networks can make their management very challenging for network administrators and engineers. This is even truer for ISP engineers who manage environments that are vast and rely on thousands of interconnecting devices. With 100% uptime the being the ultimate goal, engineers rely on network discovery tools that give them the heads-up about occurrences and developments.

This demand for solid, stable and predictable networking environments means having a complete view with live alerts and updates that keep NOCs (Network Operations Centres) in the know and in control. Network discovery is a vital tool for engineers to gain the full spectrum of the networks and use that detailed view to monitor and optimise the environment.

Network discovery benefits.

  1. Auto discovery of devices on networks
  2. Pull detailed reports on device and their status
  3. Keep an updated and detailed asset list
  4. Track asset movement
  5. Identify rogue devices on networks
  6. Monitor patches and updates on devices
  7. Track live status of networking devices and prevent outages
  8. Prevent software license violations
  9. Simplify large scale network administration
  10. Create a visual representation of complex and dense networks

ISPs networks don’t tend to grow in a very organic fashion. The nature of the ISP industry usually means that the bigger companies buy out smaller competitors and then integrate the latter’s network with theirs. This means that very large ISP networks can be a mishmash of disparate networks and configurations, which presents challenges when it comes to mapping your network and making sure that it remains a competitive asset.

Network discovery tools make that challenge a much simpler task by giving NOCs and managers that visual representation of their expanding assets and help them identify weaknesses in their environments. Reporting to stakeholders is less-tedious when you have all the information right in front of you and are able to relay very technical information to non-technical executives.

Stay ahead of the pack with an optimised network.

Around the clock monitoring and performance management requires both an overall and detailed insight to complex systems with multiple dependencies. A network discovery tool that increases your business’ competitive nature is a valuable asset that keeps your engineers in the know about what’s happening in your environment. With Internet subscribers being very fickle, ISPs need to ensure maximum uptime and peak performance of their environments and network discovery tools give you exactly that ability.

Image credit: Pixabay