Networks, by nature, are ever changing. Any IT engineer will tell you that the environments of today are a far cry from the ones back when servers were beige rectangular boxes tucked away in a server room. As your network becomes increasingly complex, the way you manage it needs to evolve at an equal pace. Network management software that is adaptable and flexible will keep IT teams in charge of their environments in an ever-changing IT landscape.

As organisations demand more from their technology investments, IT managers and engineers are faced with the question of how to build networks that are both flexible and secure. This week we’ll take a look at how mobile technology has disrupted traditional ways of how organisations function and the implications it has for IT engineers and the network. We’ll also look at how network management software can make the complex task of managing mobility for enterprises less cumbersome.

The introduction of mobile smart devices into networking environments presents IT departments with certain security considerations. Serious thought needs to go into how you manage your organisation’s reliance on mobile technology since a phone, tablet or other smart device can hold large amounts of very important company information. With the constant evolution of mobile hardware and a bustling app world, networks that cater for mobile technology must be both flexible and secure. Network management software will aid in creating adequate security policies and practises that sees your company reaping all the benefits of mobility, while minimising the inherent vulnerabilities.

Engineers and support staff need to have a clear view of the devices that are connecting to the enterprise and get real-time information on how travelling and other remote staff members connect to the network. In addition, performance metrics around application delivery to mobile devices provide the insight needed to improve the overall user experience. Network management software gives you all this insight and more. As the mobility phenomenon gains momentum, we can expect to see greater dependence on the technology from businesses. IT teams would do well to gear their networks to become more mobile-centric and put plans in place that will future-proof their environments against the increasing reliance on mobile technology and connectivity.

Network monitoring software makes for a clearer picture 

Each hardware addition to your network will play a part in the overall strain placed on your infrastructure. Network management software will aid you in coming to grips with the complexity that mobility adds and identify ways to improve your service offering to the business. There is no doubt that mobility will continue to play a huge role in how businesses operate. IT managers should cultivate strategies that both embrace the technology and maximise advantages for the business.

Image credit: Pixabay