Many companies are faced with the challenge of maximising the value that data has to offer. With big data comes big challenges, and that couldn’t be more true for IT Managers. Decision Support Systems were developed to improve how data is used to formulate decisions around existing business processes and developing new ones.

Enterprise network and service providers understand the value of the data generated by networking hardware. The analysis of network data is key to the constant maintenance, upgrades and expansions commonplace in large multi-tier systems.

So how do Decision Support Systems help?

The pace at which networks are evolving puts considerable pressure on IT professionals and the tools they use to manage their environments. Critical operational decisions sometime have to be made with short notice.

Decision Support Systems allow for this by integrating powerful reporting functions that extract the relevant information from massive databases and present the information in a visualised format. 

Here are some of the key benefits Decision Support Systems offer:

  • Facilitates accurate and informed decision-making
  • Simplifies and makes complex data useable
  • Customization of data collection gives user less superfluous data
  • Data usable to both engineers and management
  • Identification of possible complications
  • Keeps relevant employees in the decision-making loop.

Decision Support Systems and Service Level Agreements

Powerful reporting tools assist in identification of problem areas in networks. Volumes of data can become an administrative burden and lead to data being underutilized. IT executives are able to factor in otherwise unforeseen elements that may cause SLAs to be missed by curating network metrics for analysis and reporting.

With the ever-increasing demand from businesses for better and faster technology services, analytics will play an increasingly important role in disseminating big data and turning it into a useful tool that aids in business and operation decision-making.

Image credit: Pixabay