Network monitoring software’s over-arching purpose is to make the job of managing the complexities of provider grade networks and enterprises a much simpler undertaking. This includes notification mechanisms that warn IT about important network events on a wide range of networked devices including routers, switches, servers, etc.

Added to this is the myriad of hardware vendors that tie into the equation that network managers need to take into account. It’s fair to say that networks at their most complex can be very challenging to manage.

This article explores the importance of being forewarned. It is crucial for your monitoring solution to give you alerts about network events of significance. Network Monitoring Software solutions may claim to be the eyes and ears of your environment, but it is important for ISPs and WAN admins to understand the benefits and limitations of a Network Monitoring Software before making a buying decision.

Network events are generated at the thousands every minute and IT needs to know about the ones that impact their systems negatively on the fly. But does your monitoring solution stack up to the demands of your environment?

A few questions around your Network Monitoring Software’ ability to warn you about network events:

  • Is my Network Monitoring Software wide enough to support all the devices on my network? Networks can be complex. Your monitoring solution should include monitoring and reporting on the majority of devices out there and constantly extend its support.
  • Which network events is my Network Monitoring Software looking for? Is your monitoring solution giving you the information you really want? Are you getting too much “useless” information? Make sure you get the reporting that gives you the measurements you want.
  • Can I specify which network events I want to know about? Network Monitoring Software
    solutions should be ever-aware of the changes happening out there. The nature of the beast is such that new device-types are constantly joining the technology jungle. ISPs and WAN support staff.

It’s about getting the right information at the right time

ISP and enterprise infrastructure support staff need to keep their eyes on vast environments with considerable complexities. The benefit to business in having early warnings on network events place IT in a much better position to pre-empt issues on the network to meet tough SLAs. Comprehensive network monitoring systems take into account the vast types of hardware out there and evolve equal to the speed at which new arrivals appear in the tech arena.

Image credit: Pixabay