Think you’ve got a grip on your network metrics? Unreliable network statistics could potentially lead to IT departments scrambling to get a grip on unpredictable networks. Data mining architecture that provides less-than-useful metrics might leave you digging yourself into a hole seemingly impossible to get out of.

This article discusses the benefits of having the right information at the right time by means of effectively utilising the volumes of network data produced by WAN and ISP environments. Data accumulation brings with it both challenges and opportunities that if leveraged smartly, will put IT in control of their systems and not the other way around.

All things being equal, IT pros know and accept that pressure is part of the job. Things go wrong from time to time, but a real game-changer is when you find your network management tools leaving you stranded without a shovel when you’re in over your head and need to dig yourself out.

Nothing can add to that sense of urgency when the very tools you count on to manage and maintain your infrastructure falls short at the moment you need it most – leaving you feeling as if you’re sinking deeper and deeper into that quagmire.

So what can efficient data mining architecture do for IT?

An effective data mining architecture reveals more than what it hides, meaning that critical information is made accessible to users at the right time. Take Netflow as an example; the network metrics available in Netflow packets present IT departments with volumes of information in a way that is easily consumable and actionable.

Benefits of a well-designed data mining architecture includes:

  • Effective management of large volumes of network metrics
  • Repurposing of network metrics in an easy-to-consume format for IT
  • Availability of live and historic data to facilitate troubleshooting and analysis
  • Fast processing of metrics
  • Aids in accurate analysis of trends
  • Aids in identifying problem areas
  • Reliability in terms of data accuracy
  • Data acquisition in a lightweight and non-intrusive method

Data mining architecture investment yields important information to IT

The granularity of the data captured in CDR and Netflow packets, for instance present a wealth of information. ISPs and mobile operators see great benefits from the acquisition and analysis of these data records, but face the task of managing all that data at the same time.

Data mining architectures that are well-designed to deal with large amounts of information and making said information easily accessible, are irreplaceable tools for IT managers, engineers and support teams alike. Network monitoring systems take much of the effort out of acquiring such large sums of data and brings with it information that used to identify, predict and prevent major network problems.

Image credit: Pixabay